Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exhibition of Chris Kenny in London 2012

A few days ago, enthusiasts friends, family and art together in England & Co Gallery in Westbourne Grove to the private screening of the recent work of my father Chris Kenny. It's always intriguing to watch the artist's work in progress, and displays the show, Kenny underway, perhaps more than ever.

Chris Kenny began his creative career as a painter, with a token interest in the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, trees, and the patterns and symmetry of natural things. His work began to move toward a more museum space, and soon he was carefully selected and organized the construction of boxes of things accurately. It seems random artifacts, accompanied by Kenny labels associations your imagination.

House dazzling pure white box in swarms, and crop photos of faces, expressions, or books, or parts of maps - are stripped of their family environment and a new thing. Every time you look at the work of Kenny, you may discover something new, visual or intellectual. And that point, you can take it, what you want, a new perspective, a funny joke, a quote is full of wisdom, or simply the pleasure of watching something so quiet and beautiful.

Interestingly, Kenny began to go back to his days painting a new work, cut the colored paper, which will be cut and they continue to be carefully considered, but has a more painterly quality, an impressive balance of color and design. Statements read "danger" or "you're awake," they are stylish and colorful refreshing.

Kenny with a single piece becomes more and more are shipped internationally will be displayed, is a rare opportunity to see their latest collection of all his glory. Expression, which is the truth and shout.


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