Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Captain Kidd Story on The Museum of London, Dockland

Avast ye landlubbers, there are pirates in town! Hot on the heels of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, the Museum of Docklands in London opens its new exhibition on pirates this week.

Pirates: Captain Kidd story is an exhibition that tells the story of the famous Captain Kidd, who was hanged for murder and piracy in 1701. The program also explores the influence of Kidd about the common perception of hackers.

The exhibition is invited to decide whether Kidd was guilty of crimes such as murder of a member of your team, unlawfully attack and two ships instead of colluding with the capture of other pirates.

Highlights of the exhibition include a Jolly Roger flag in 1789, beautiful old maps used by real pirates to sail the unknown seas, and a terrible example of a hanging cage that hung from the decomposing body of Kidd Tilbury point by more than two years.

Pirates takes us to the present, showing how the legend of buried treasure Kidd (who tried to use as a bargaining tool to change your life), inspired most of the fiction of pirate story, including Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. In addition, there are displays of pirate popular culture, including a doll of Jack Sparrow, a poster and even Muppet Treasure Island pirate erotic novels!

At the end of exposure, you can give your verdict on whether Kidd was guilty or not by placing things of a plastic chips in one of two boxes.


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