Thursday, April 21, 2011

Travelling on London by Bus

London transport buses are well known in London. Enjoying the view of the sights of London, London buses will take you across the capital. Most London buses are still red, but some of them are painted in different colors.

You know, the bus is part of the London Transport network, where you can see the sign on the front of the bus. With 17,000 bus stops in London, which are no more than 5 minutes away from each other. When boarding a bus, take a seat, if available, or hold on tight.

The bus network is divided into two zones of the tariff. Central London tickets £ 4 and tickets outside London is £ fifth you pay the bus driver (or driver) or to show your journey. You must have a valid ticket for travel or you will be liable for penalties equal to 50 pounds.

If you want to get the bus ring the bell once, and with sufficient time to the driver. If someone has already phoned the call is not necessary. Buses offer a friendly, personal service and safe, and security for many of our cameras on board buses. All buses have two-way radio.

Smoking is not allowed on any bus.

Some buses open and no doors. NEVER try to get on or off a bus in an open platform, excepting on  the bus stop or wait for a bus stop. Please be careful crossing the street. Buses sometimes travel in special lanes of the road traffic.

Traveling by night
Most buses pass through Trafalgar Square at night and serves as theaters, cinemas and entertainment centers. Night buses are trying all the stops, how to stop the inquiry. This means that you should always ring the bell to get a night bus at any bus stop.

Handy times the size of credit cards and brochures night buses available for travel information centers, selected newsagents and major subway stations. Prices are slightly higher than on buses a day. You may not use any day of the ticket or travel for family night buses and children must pay adult after 22.00 on all buses.


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