Friday, April 22, 2011

Travelling in London by Train

Travel to and from London by train is always busy with one of the well-established main-line stations as part of the heritage.

As spokes from a hub, the tracks reach all parts of the country. Carry out traffic to the north is Kings Cross St. Pancras and Euston is, Euston busy all the time.

The West is available from Paddington and Marylebone
To the south is in Waterloo, Victoria, Charing Cross and Cannon Street, while to and from the east will face Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street.

Everyone has their own taste. St Pancras is known, a Victorian Gothic pile, and Liverpool Street, although not quite the same heroic scale. Victoria has strong associations romance of rail, trains boats, classic trans-continental railway and the occasional smell of steam as a "special", perhaps the Cathedrals Express, which leaves its platform.

Queen Boudicca a historical note, the scourge of the Roman occupation and plundering of London, which is generally believed to have taken poison, along with his three daughters when he finally defeated by the Romans, is said to be buried beneath the platform 10 of Kings Cruz.
Today St Pancras brings traffic on the Channel.

All stations are well served by subways, buses and, of course, taxis. However, in some cases it is fairly easy to travel to London without changing trains.

Stansted, Luton and Gatwick all have good rail connections. Heathrow ground and rely on the quick link 15 minutes ranging from Paddington station every 15 minutes. Conventional tube takes longer, but is cheaper and more accessible.

Many good deals are often available and always worth asking when making travel plans.
For train departures and a more general (and very effective) number of information services to call is 0845 7484950.

Safety Station is in the capable hands of the British Transport Police. They also take care of the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway and Croydon Tramlink. About 2,000 employees ensure the safety and welfare of approximately five million people travel every day. You're in good hands, for sure.

Almost indistinguishable from regular police forces in uniform and appearance, will call for them and other emergency services if necessary


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